Our Electrochemical Workstations ZENNIUM X / ZENNIUM Pro / ZENNIUM  base on an universal and modular data acquisition system. Together with the THALES software package we offer all standard electrochemical methods at a mouse click.



CIMPS is an universal photo- and spectro-electrochemical workstation for a wide field of applications. You can easily extend the basic CIMPS system with various options for special fields of photo-electrochemical research.


Energy Storage & Conversion

Our power potentiostats, electronic loads and multi-channels acquisition systems provide a smart system for research and investigation on batteries, fuel cells and super caps.



Electrochemical noise has become popular as a new method of corrosion detection and prevention. ZAHNER has developed the CorrElNoise® technique, the first method to obtain both, potential noise and current noise from one electrochemical source.



18.08.17 - 25.08.17
4th International Summer School Spectroelectrochemistry

The 4th International Summer School Spectroelectrochemistry is an excellent opportunity to get in the touch with photoelectrochemical research methods such as In situ ESR, NMR, UV-VIs and many more. The summer school will take place at the Center of Spectroelectrochemistry, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW Dresden) in Dresden, Germany, from 18th to 25th August 2017. Next to revealing lectures also practical courses will be part of the program.
ZAHNER Scientific Instruments will also join this scientific event and will perform a presentation within the field of photoelectrochemistry. For more information, please, have a look here ...


27.08.17 - 01.09.17
ISE 2017, USA

68th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). One of most important dates of the electrochemistry world. During this huge conference taking place in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 27th August - 1st September 2017 you can meet electrochemists from all electrochemical research areas: bioelectrochemistry, theroretical and computational electrochemistry, electrochemistry of functional materials, energy storage and conversion, spectroelectrochemistry, corrosion and passivation, and much more....  ZAHNER Scientific Instruments will be presented by our local US distributor Admiral Instruments, LLC, Phoenix, AZ. On this exceptional event we are looking forward to your visit at our booth. Come and have a look on our portfolio of highly precise instruments for electrochemistry research.

11.09.17 - 14.09.17
6th International Conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry

Dear Researcher

ZAHNER Scientific Instruments is going to participate at the 6th International Conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry (SP6) in Oldenburg. The focus of this exceptional scientific meeting is on photochemistry and photoelectrochemistry. For that we will present with our CIMPS setup dedicated for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical research. The CIMPS system is the perfect tool for investigating semiconducting materials and other compounds, which are photoactive redox systems. With more than 50 unique LED based light sources ranging from UV to IR an highly sofisticated instrument is available, which allows the researcher to perform a multitude of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical methods. For more information, please have a look on the SP6 website.    

26.09.17 - 29.09.17
10th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is one of the most important techniques for investigating electrochemical systems and samples such as materials and molecules for applications in electrochemical energy generation, conversion and storage, corrosion and material protection, medicine, pharmacy and biochemistry, and much more.
The 10th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy taking place at the Technische Universität Chemnitz from 26th to 29th of September 2017 is an outstanding event for exchanging the latest knowledge from the world of electrochemistry.
ZAHNER Scientific Instruments will also be present there and will inform you about the latest developments considering instrumentation and analytical methods for electrochemical investigations.
Feel free to visit our booth and to participate an exceptional tutorial perfromed by Dr. W. Strunz. For more information, follow this link.

01.10.17 - 06.10.17

The 232nd ECS Fall MEETING in National Harbor, MD (greater Washington, DC area), USA, from 1st October to 6th October 2017 will be a great opportunity to get in touch with ZAHNER-elektrik products like the highly precise ZENNIUM series electrochemcial workstations. Come and get in touch with our US distributors from Admiral Instruments, LLC, Phoenix, AZ. They will provide to you a complete overview about the ZAHNER-elektrik portfolio and will help you to find the perfect instrumentation for your field of electrochemical research. We all are looking forward to meet you there!