Our Electrochemical Workstations ZENNIUM X / ZENNIUM Pro / ZENNIUM  base on an universal and modular data acquisition system. Together with the THALES software package we offer all standard electrochemical methods at a mouse click.



CIMPS is an universal photo- and spectro-electrochemical workstation for a wide field of applications. You can easily extend the basic CIMPS system with various options for special fields of photo-electrochemical research.


Energy Storage & Conversion

Our power potentiostats, electronic loads and multi-channels acquisition systems provide a smart system for research and investigation on batteries, fuel cells and super caps.



Electrochemical noise has become popular as a new method of corrosion detection and prevention. ZAHNER has developed the CorrElNoise® technique, the first method to obtain both, potential noise and current noise from one electrochemical source.



Read or download our software and hardware manuals.

Thales 01: Installation and Getting Started
PDF-Document Installation and Getting Started (PDF)

Thales 02: Basics and Applications
PDF-Document Basics_and_Applications.pdf (PDF)

Thales 03: EIS - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
PDF-Document EIS.pdf (PDF)

Thales 04: SIM - Simulation and Fitting
PDF-Document SIM.pdf (PDF)

Thales 05: I/E - Steady State I/E Recording, Fixed Sampling and Dynamic Scan
PDF-Document IE.pdf (PDF)

Thales 05: MC I/E - Multi Cell I/E
PDF-Document Multi_Cell_IE.pdf (PDF)

Thales 05: CV - Cyclic Voltammetry
PDF-Document CV.pdf (PDF)

Thales 06: C/E - Single Frequency Impedance Measurement over Parameters
PDF-Document CE.pdf (PDF)

Thales 06: POL - Polarization Measurements
PDF-Document POL.pdf (PDF)

Thales 07: PGY - Polarography
PDF-Document Polarography.pdf (PDF)

Thales 08: PVI - Time Controlled DC-Measurements
PDF-Document PVI.pdf (PDF)

Thales 09: ECN - Electrochemical Noise
PDF-Document Noise.pdf (PDF)

Thales 10: BAT - Battery Cycling
PDF-Document Battery_Cycling.pdf (PDF)

Thales 11: ACQ - Signal Acquisition
PDF-Document Signal_Acquisition.pdf (PDF)

Thales 12: CAD - Graphics Editor
PDF-Document CAD.pdf (PDF)

Thales 13: SCRIPT - Script Sequencer
PDF-Document SCRIPT.pdf (PDF)

Thales 14: ALEX - ASCII Data List Import
PDF-Document ALEX.pdf (PDF)

Thales 15: REMOTE - Remote Control (Manual and Git-Hub client)
PDF-Document Remote.pdf (PDF) and Python and C++ client, Zahner Git-Hub
Thales 16: Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
PDF-Document Diagnostics_and_Troubleshooting.pdf (PDF)

Thales 17: Online Display
PDF-Document Online_Display.pdf (PDF)
Script Introduction (Manual + sample scripts)
Script Introduction
DevCli.dll Programmer's Reference
PDF-Document DevCli.pdf (PDF)

Pulse-Probe for High Current Interrupt (HCI)
PDF-Document HCI.pdf (PDF)

Transient Recording Software TRC
PDF-Document Transient_Recording.pdf (PDF)

ANDIBasic 2.0
PDF-Document ANDIBasic.pdf (PDF)

Introduction into Electrochemical Instrumentation
PDF-Document CHPT1_23.pdf (PDF)
Controlled Intensity Modulated Photo Spectroscopy (CIMPS)
PDF-Document CIMPS.pdf (PDF)

Spectral Resolved Transmittance / Absorbance Measurement System (CIMPS-abs)
PDF-Document CIMPS-abs.pdf (PDF)

Integral / Spectral Resolved Emission Measurement System (CIMPS-emit)
PDF-Document CIMPS-emit.pdf (PDF)

Photo-Electrochemical Photo Current Spectra System (CIMPS-pcs)
PDF-Document CIMPS-pcs.pdf (PDF)

Fast Light Intensity Transients System (CIMPS-fit)
PDF-Document CIMPS-fit.pdf (PDF)

Dynamic Transmittance and Reflectance Measurement System (CIMPS-dtr)
PDF-Document CIMPS-dtr.pdf (PDF)

Chopped Light Voltammetry (CLV)
PDF-Document CLV.pdf (PDF)

Lightspectra Display and Analysis
PDF-Document Lightspectra_Analysis.pdf (PDF)
Shunt Resistors
PDF-Document Shunt_resistors.pdf (PDF)

Electrochemical Cell for Flat Samples (AMZ60)
PDF-Document m_amz60.pdf (PDF)

Coating & Laminate Tester (COLT)
PDF-Document m_colt.pdf (PDF)

Compliance Voltage Booster (CVB120)
PDF-Document m_cvb120.pdf (PDF)

analog Outputs Extension Board (DA4)
PDF-Document m_da4.pdf (PDF)

femtoFarad Probe (fFP)
PDF-Document m_ffp.pdf (PDF)

Third-Party Interface (FRA)
PDF-Document m_fra.pdf (PDF)

High Impedance Probe Set (HiZ Probe)
PDF-Document m_hiz.pdf (PDF)

Corrosion Measuring Cells (KMZ3 / KMZ5)
PDF-Document m_kmz3_kmz5.pdf (PDF)

Parallel AD Converter 4 Channel (PAD4)
PDF-Document m_pad4.pdf (PDF)

Photo Electrochemical Cell (PECC)
PDF-Document m_pecc.pdf (PDF)

Electronic Loads (EL series)
PDF-Document m_el.pdf (PDF)

Power Potentiostats, External Potentiostats (PP series, XPot)
PDF-Document m_pp_xpot.pdf (PDF)

PDF-Document m_ppinspector.pdf (PDF)

High Current Cell Multiplexer (PwrMux) 48 Channels
PDF-Document m_pmux48.pdf (PDF)

High Current Cell Multiplexer Parallel/Seqmented (PMux-P)
PDF-Document m_pmux-p.pdf (PDF)

High Current Cell Multiplexer Serial (PMux-S)
PDF-Document m_pmux-s.pdf (PDF)
16 Channel Electrochemical Cell Multiplexer (RMux)
PDF-Document m_rmux.pdf (PDF)
Battery Cycling Multiplexer BC-Mux
PDF-Document m_bc-mux.pdf (PDF)

CIMPS Dummy Cell
PDF-Document m_simpecc.pdf (PDF)

Data Acquisition Extension Board (TEMP/U)
PDF-Document m_tempu.pdf (PDF)

Hints for Replacement of Plug-in Cards
PDF-Document replacement_hints.pdf (PDF)

Flyer: Impedance Measurement 2003
PDF-Document im_flyer_2003.pdf (PDF)

Update USB device driver under Windows XP
PDF-Document update_usb_driver_winxp.pdf (PDF)

Controlling the IM6/6eX and ZENNIUM by LabView
PDF-Document Remote.pdf (PDF)