Electrochemical techniques

The following table shows the most commonly used electrochemical techniques, which can be carried out by Zahner potentiostats.
Electrochemical techniques   ZENNIUM X ZENNIUM PRO ZENNIUM XC
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) Potentiostatic EIS
Galvanostatic EIS
Psuedo-galvanostatic EIS
Series EIS measurements vs parameters Voltage/current/time etc
Single frequency impedance vs parameter Voltage/current/time etc
Multichannel EIS measurements (with PAD4 cards) up to 17 channels up to 5 channels -
Testsampling online display and logging  
Current voltage curve Steady state sampling
Fixed sampling
Dynamic sampling
  Tafel scan
Polarization measurements Potentiostatic polarization
Galvanostatic polarization
OCP measurement
Linear sweep voltammetry (LSV)  
Linear sweep amperometry  
Cyclic voltammetry (CV)  
Parallel CV measurements (with PAD4 cards) up to 17 channels up to 5 channels -
Time domain measurements  
Polarography Tastpolarography
Differential pulse polarography
Differential pulse voltammetry
Square wave voltammetry
Constant potential pulse voltammetry
Battery cycling (with or without EIS)
Automation via SCRIPT  
Remote control via Python or Labview  
Bi-potentiostat   with XPOT2 with XPOT2 -
Sequential multicell measurements with multiplexer extensions -
Recording of additional analog or digital in- & output signals temperature, voltage channels -
Electrochemical noise measurements   with Noise Probe with Noise Probe -
Hardware extension for photoelectrochemical measurements   -
Hardware extension for photovoltaic measurements   -
Hardware extensions for high current measurements   -
AC-DC-AC test   with COLT with COLT with COLT
Layer quality test or Bilayer test   with COLT with COLT with COLT

If your desired electrochemical technique is not listed here then please ask our Zahner's sales team for further information and if the ZENNIUM series potentiostats support your desired electrochemical technique.

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