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ZAHNER instruments are highly esteemed for their high flexibility, reliability, and performance. Furthermore, with its experienced specialists, ZAHNER is known to provide an exemplary service before and after sale, an individual, application-specific consultation, and - above all - practical support for setting up an experiment.

Photoelectrochemistry & Photovoltaic

The CIMPS system is an advanced system for photoelectrochemical/photovoltaics measurements. An additional potentiostat actively controls the light source which allows dynamic measurements like IMPS, IMVS besides standard electrochemical and photoelectrochemical measurements.

CIMPS system with extensions and accessories


Zahner offers special probes, which are used for dedicated experiments and aid in getting low-artefact measurements for different extreme systems, hence if the system under investigation shows very high impedance, very low impedances or very low capacitance. Special probes are also available to extend the operation range of the ZENNIUM series potentiostats like CVB120, FRA-Probe or Noise Probe.

Zahner's probes for special applications

Addon Cards

The capabilities of ZENNIUM X and ZENNIUM PRO potentiostats can be extended via numerous addon cards. These extension cards provide additional measurement or control signals (like temperature, voltage or pH etc.) which can be recorded during measurement or can be used as a trigger to start a measurement. Other extension cards interfaces external potentiostats and loads, adds sequential multichannel or parallel EIS channels.

Addon cards for extended capabilities


Our multiplexer are useful addition for routine or screening experiments in automated measurement setups. Sequential measurements can be carried out on the connected test objects in predefined routines or in customized protocols.

Multiplexer to simultaneously connect multiple cells

Cell Kits

Besides the following cells, we offer a broad range of electrochemical cell kits for application in electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry. Please contact our sales team to find out if we can offer you a cell suitable to your needs.

Cells for electrochemical & photoelectrochemical applications


Zahner's software for controlling the Zennium potentiostats and their extensions to carry out electrochemical and photoelectrochemical measurements. The Zahner Analysis software allow characterization of measured data.
All our software have been developed in-house and have been customized to be used by the electrochemists. In-house development provides us with the needed flexibility and enables us to consider customer requirements for future development in the software.

Zahner's software for measurements and analysis

Faraday Cage

Electrostatic noise from the laboratory environment disturbs measurement signals and decreases data quality drastically for small current signals. Our Faraday Cage enables effective shielding for measurement on high impedance or low current samples.

Faraday Cage for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical applications

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