Python/C++ APIs

This page lists the available APIs and their features.
The libraries and programming examples are available on GitHub in our repositories.

Thales Remote

The Thales Remote library is compatible only with ZENNIUM series potentiostats (with or without extensions) and facilitates the following methods:
  • EIS - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • IE - Current-Voltage Characteristic Curves
  • CV - Cyclic Voltammetry
  • DC sequences

It is also possible to transfer measured data files over the network. An example is also available.

API documentation:

API documentation:


Zahner Remote

The Zahner Remote library supports only PP2X2, EL1002 and XPOT2 devices in stand-alone mode. Here, the complex measurements are seen as measurements composed of basic primitives that can be flexibly parameterized:
  • Open circuit voltage scan
  • Polarization (potentiostatic or galvanostatic)
  • Ramps (potentiostatic or galvanostatic)
  • Staircase (potentiostatic or galvanostatic)

And as an example, the following methods have been developed from the primitives:
  • Charging and discharging
  • Arbitrary profile (potentiostatic or galvanostatic)
  • PITT - Potentiostatic Intermittent Titration Technique
  • GITT - Galvanostatic Intermittent Titration Technique

The Zahner Remote library supports only the DC measurements while using the PP2X2, EL1002 and XPOT2 devices in stand-alone mode. EIS measurements are not possible in this configuration. For EIS, a system consisting of ZENNIUM potentiostat and the Thales Remote library are required.


Zahner Analysis

The Zahner Analysis library supports the simulation and fitting of equivalent circuit parameters to measurement data with Zahner Analysis software. It implements the Zahner Analysis REST protocol.

API documentation:

OpenAPI specification:
REST-API documentation:

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