Fast intensity transient measurement


Solar cell
CIMPS fit allows fast light intensity transient measurements to investigate the fast kinetics in organic, dye-sensitized, monolithic solar cells and photoelectrodes. With CIMPS fit, charge migration and diffusion time constants can be measured with a resolution of 50 ns.

CIMPS fit uses Zahner's TR8M addon card for transient measurements. The CIMPS fit can be used with the monochromatic LEDs from the CIMPS system or the TLS from CIMPS pcs. With monochromatic LED a time resolution down to 50 ns whereas, with TLS, a time resolution down to 100 ns is possible.

CIMPS fit upgrade contains
  • TR8M transient recorder (up to 20 MHz sampling rate)
  • CIMPS-FIT software


Download the latest manual add-on about ZAHNER CIMPS system...

Download the latest manual about ZAHNER CIMPS-fit system...

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