Our Electrochemical Workstations ZENNIUM X / ZENNIUM Pro / ZENNIUM  base on an universal and modular data acquisition system. Together with the THALES software package we offer all standard electrochemical methods at a mouse click.



CIMPS is an universal photo- and spectro-electrochemical workstation for a wide field of applications. You can easily extend the basic CIMPS system with various options for special fields of photo-electrochemical research.


Energy Storage & Conversion

Our power potentiostats, electronic loads and multi-channels acquisition systems provide a smart system for research and investigation on batteries, fuel cells and super caps.



Electrochemical noise has become popular as a new method of corrosion detection and prevention. ZAHNER has developed the CorrElNoise® technique, the first method to obtain both, potential noise and current noise from one electrochemical source.



The optionSpectral Resolved Transmittance / Absorbance Measurement System allows you to examine electro-chromic processes with your CIMPS system.

For this purpose CIMPS is equipped with a UV-VIS-IR spectrometer, two photo-electrochemical cells PECC-2 mounted on an automatic slide (one for the measuring object and one as reference), and a high-power intensity controlled white light illuminator (LED emitter or Tungsten lamp, others like D2 or Xenon lamp on request). Automatic spectra series are measured vs. cell voltage, current and time. The list of series parameters may be optionally extended to any physical quantity supported, such as temperature, concentration, pH and more. In addition to automatic triggering, each recording can be started manually after setting the electrochemical parameCIMPS-abs2ters. The Thales software provides versatile light spectra analysis routines which allow many useful graphic representations, zoom-, cursor-, documentation- and data export functions. Like with all Thales data file types, Windows® detects the light spectra files automatically and presents info-boxes and graphic preview.


Additional methods:

  • absorbance spectra vs. voltage
  • absorbance spectra vs. current
  • absorbance spectra vs. time
  • user script controlled absorbance spectra series

CIMPS add-on for photo-electrochemical transmittance/absorbance



  • ILT-950 spectrometer  

  • PECC-slide with 2 x PECC-2

  • WLR02 LED (420–730 nm) or WOW01 tungsten light source (360–1000 nm)

  • CIMPS-abs software


  • STE-BLK-CXR-SR Concave Grating Spectrometer  

  • PECC-slide with 2 x PECC-2

  • balanced tungsten-deuterium light source (220–1100 nm)

  • CIMPS-abs software

Requirements: Basic CIMPS system


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