Our Electrochemical Workstations ZENNIUM X / ZENNIUM Pro / ZENNIUM  base on an universal and modular data acquisition system. Together with the THALES software package we offer all standard electrochemical methods at a mouse click.



CIMPS is an universal photo- and spectro-electrochemical workstation for a wide field of applications. You can easily extend the basic CIMPS system with various options for special fields of photo-electrochemical research.


Energy Storage & Conversion

Our power potentiostats, electronic loads and multi-channels acquisition systems provide a smart system for research and investigation on batteries, fuel cells and super caps.



Electrochemical noise has become popular as a new method of corrosion detection and prevention. ZAHNER has developed the CorrElNoise® technique, the first method to obtain both, potential noise and current noise from one electrochemical source.



The ZAHNER CIMPS system based on LED arrays brings an additional advantage compared to the IMPS described in the literature: a control loop regulates light intensity and modulation and keeps it absolutely stable.

The automatic comparison between set value and sensed intensity eliminates the influence of non-linearity, ageing and temperature drift. Furthermore, it allows the direct calibration of the light source in units of intensity (W/m²).

The CIMPS package consists of several components, working together in a plug & play application, including software and an overall calibration of the system. An ZENNIUM X or Zennium pro electrochemical workstation acts as a frequency response analyser and as a control unit (potentiostat / galvanostat) for the cell under test. All ZENNIUM series workstations are renowned for their high precision, ease of use and comprehensive software. A slave potentiostat, driven by the ZENNIUM system, controls the amplitude and the modulation of the light source over a wide range of frequencies.

An optical bench carries the housing of the light source with the integrated photo-amplifier and the slider with the photo-electrochemical cell PECC-1 or PECC-2. The PECCs are a versatile option completing your CIMPS setup for performing photoelectrochemistry in solution. A photodiode sensor, included in the CIMPS setup, is mounted near the site of the light inlet of your obejct (solar cell, PECC, etc.), adjustable in height and angle. Depending on the application, you can chose from different types of light sources, which are optional components making your CIMPS system an highly flexible tool for your photoelectrochemical research.

Available CIMPS systems


Complete CIMPS system with 

  • Zennium pro workstation (10 µHz – 8 MHz / ±3 A / 5 extension slots)

  • LED potentiostat: PP211 (±10 A max), EPC42

  • Optical bench with calibrated sensor, LDA2, and SIMPECC (dummy cell)

  • CIMPS & THALES software package


Complete CIMPS system with 

  • Zennium X workstation (10 µHz – 12 MHz / ±4 A / 10 extension slots)

  • LED potentiostat: PP211 (±10 A max.), EPC42

  • Optical bench with calibrated sensor, LDA2, and SIMPECC (dummy cell)

  • CIMPS & THALES software package

General specifications


Supported wavelength range


User selectable (see lightsources)

Frequency range


10 µHz to 200 kHz

Supply output range for light source


±10 A, ±20 V
±500 mA, ±25 V

The Zahner CIMPS measurement system has been designed to match the special demands of dynamic photo-electric investigations. Besides traditional electrochemical investigations supported by the Thales software package a variety of special photo electric measurements can be done easily with the CIMPS option:

  • SC fill-factor efficencyCIMPS GUI
  • Maximum power
  • Intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy (IMPS)
  • Controlled IMPS (CIMPS)
  • Intensity modulated photovoltage spectroscopy (IMVS)
  • Controlled IMVS (CIMVS)
  • Charge extraction after N. W. Duffy, L. M. Peter et. al.
  • Light transient measurements
  • Time domain measurements
  • DC vs. intensity transfer functions
  • Chopped light voltammetry

Measurement, Analysis, Simulation and Fit of CIMPS/CIMVS Spectra

More than IMPS...

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